CZE-15B 15W PC Control FM Transmitter

  • Product Type: FM Transmitter Kits
  • Place of origin: China
  • Model No: CZE-15B
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  • Payment Terms: L/C, D/P, T/T
  • Package: plastic bag + paper box
  • Minimum Order: 1 pcs
  • Delivery Time: 2~7 days
  • Brand Name: CZE
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Products Information

CZE-15B 15W PC Control FM Transmitter


Main Features:

    * Output power continuously adjustable from 0W~15W
    * Constant power, the whole band has 3~ 5W margin
    * Output power automatic locking
    * Microphone with reverb and can be turned on or off
    * Channel is Optional:Single / Dual
    * PC control port, computer manipulation through software, more advanced.
    * Audio digital-analog conversion, easier digital input
    * VSWR protection:If the antenna is not connected correctly,there willl be automatic acces for protection
    * Temperature protection, automatic protection when the transmitter temperature is too high
    * Fan with temperature control switch, automatic ON/OFF
    * Host panel with a number of shortcut keys, intuitive display, simple operation, fast
    *  The equipment with reasonable design, material quality is very high, rugged



Technical Specification:

    * Operating voltage: DC12V~16V(Rated voltage15V)
    * Maximum Operating Current: less than 3A
    * Frequency Range: 87MHz ~ 108MHz
    * Frequency stability :±10PPM
    * Frequency step: 100 KHz
    * Operating temperature range -10°c ~ 45°c
    * Output power: 0~15W(continuously adjustable)
    * Output Impedance: 50 ohm
    * Maximum Deviation:± 75KHz 
    * Harmonics & spurious radiation ≤-60dB
    * Audio Frequency Response: 50Hz~15kHz
    * Audio Input Level:15dbV(adjustable)
    * Audio Input Interface: 3.5mm headphone connector
    * MIC input: 3.5mm headphone connector
    * Separation: ≥35db
    * SNR: ≥60db
    * Reference for the distance: 10Km -18Km (barrier free environment)
    * Dimensions: 173mm (L) * 110mm (W) * 48mm (H)
    * Weight: 0.7KG



Package Includes:

1*15W SDA-15B FM Transmitter

1*1/4 wave high Aluminum antenna

1*15V 4A Power supply

1* Audio cable

1*Conversion socket

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